There’s no excuse – I’m far behind in updating the website and Rolling Hills residents. We are currently working on becoming a “paperless city” but realize that some residents would prefer a printed newsletter. I’m working to get the following information printed and in your mailboxes, but until then please share the following with your neighbors.


I’ve been hesitant to send out a newsletter lately for a couple of reasons. First, there are some who like to twist my words on social media. Second, a lot has been up in the air with no defined answers until recently. Now that we have some definite news to report I’d like to take the opportunity to catch you up, but will keep my remarks brief. For additional information feel free to reach out to any member of the city commission, including myself, or attend our regular month meeting which occurs at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month and is held at the Plantation City Hall (2502 Hermitage Way, Louisville)

1.       Our Safety Commissioner, Paul Berrier, has resigned. Paul has recently gone back to school to better himself by obtaining his MBA. We’re grateful to Commissioner Berrier for his many years of service to the City of Rolling Hills.

2.       We hope you’ve noticed the increase of Police presence around the city. We are now contracting with the City of Meadow Vale and their police department. For Non-emergency issues they can be reached at 502-574-5471, to reach the Officer on Duty call 502-548-2599. In the case of an emergency dial 9-1-1.

3.       The City of Rolling Hills has a new Code Enforcement Officer. George Stewart comes with an extensive background and, in the short time he’s been employed by the city, he’s already begun making a huge difference. We look forward to his continued work. If you need to reach George you can email him at or leave a message on the city line by calling 502-426-4427.

4.       LG&E has added three additional street lamps along Aylesbury, between Langdon and Goose Creek, to brighten things up a little at night in that area. With increased traffic behind shopping center we wanted to make sure that area stayed as safe as possible.

5.       Commissioner Hardy-Hines, Public Works, has noted that LG&E has painted all 85 light poles in the city. You may also have noticed that the curbs on Langdon have a fresh coat of paint. Some of them were looking a little rough and we’re glad for the additional beautification.

6.       I’ve been asked to remind folks that if you plan to put a large item on the curb for trash pick-up that it is necessary to call Rumpke, 502-568-3800 and let them know. If you are unable to reach them please notify Bill Bagwell, our Sanitation Commissioner, at 502-423-7388 and he will be glad to assist you. In addition, please note that if you are putting a mattress out for collection it must be wrapped in plastic or Rumpke will not take it.

7.       Being a good neighbor is important, sometimes more-so in the Fall. Be sure to collect your leaves before they blow into your neighbor’s yard. If you have any trees or bushes overhanging the sidewalks we’d appreciate you trimming them for those who enjoy walking the city.

8.       We’ve recently had the potholes in the city filled. This Spring we’re looking to have the streets sealed and coated. This process not only gives the roads a facelift but helps to protect them, adding some years to their life. We will also be addressing speed bumps and speed humps.

9.       If the process hasn’t already begun by the receipt of this newsletter, our new street signs will be going up any day. This will be followed by the replacement of all city signage shortly after Thanksgiving. This is a project that’s been in the works for a couple years now, will look nice and bring us up to code.

10.   On the topic of signs it’s important to note that the intersection of Langdon and Aylesbury will soon be a 4-Way Stop. This change was voted on by the commission for safety reasons and we want all to be aware of the upcoming change.


In the coming months we’d like to do a better job connecting the Rolling Hills community. If you see something fun, beautiful, or a friend face snap a picture and send it to us. Have good news, would like to thank someone or have an idea, send those to us too. If you’ve got anything you think would interest the city, or even advertise your local business, we hope you’ll share – email:


You can download some of our more recent newsletters below.