Get Involved

2019 Community – Wide Yard Sale!   

On June 22nd we invite all residents within the City of Rolling Hills to participate in the 2019 community yard sale. This is a fun and fantastic way to finish your spring and summer cleaning!

Don’t forget to stop & shop your neighbor’s as well.

**After the yard sale the next scheduled curbside pick-up day is June 27th. This is a good time if you have any unwanted large items to have them removed. You can either call Rumpke and let them know what you are wanting removed or contact Michele Fawver the sanitation commissioner to have a pick-up scheduled. For more information on this please reference the newsletter that can be located on this site under Newsletters. 

Green Space:

The City’s “Green Space” is a work in progress. Please contact Mayor Gustafsson if you wish to contribute to it’s beautification by being on the future committee. 


Welcome to the neighborhood!

 The City needs a welcoming committee. If you are interested in helping to establish this committee please contact, Mayor Gustafsson. 


Let’s Get Social:

We’d love to have your presence in the City’s Facebook group. You can join by clicking on the link below or simply search City of Rolling Hills, Ky. 

Facebook Direct Link: