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Rolling Hills City Officials

The city of Rolling Hills board members duties is to serve the city of which each member takes this honor seriously. Unless you find yourself in an emergency (that doesn’t require calling 911) please consider contacting the commissioners during regular business hours. Although some of the commissioners are active on social media outlets, when expressing your concerns using the emails listed below will ensure to have your concern brought before the board.

Please Note: Rolling Hills City Officials work on a part-time basis. Most have other occupations. We appreciate your patience for any delay in response in non- emergency situations. Please leave your name and phone number

INVITATION TO BID Waste Sanitation The City of Rolling Hills, Kentucky is requesting bids for household garbage, yard waste collection and recycling for approximately 340 customers for the next two years. Contract work begins July 1, 2019. Specifications can be obtained from email at: or . Sealed bids are to be received NO LATER than 4pm on May 30, 2019 at the above email addresses or mailed to City of Rolling Hills P.O. Box 22445 Louisville, KY 40252. The city reserves the right to reject any and all bids.


Rolling Hills is serviced by the Meadow Vale Police Department who can be contacted at (502) 412-5500. In the event of an emergency please dial 911.


Elissa Gustafsson
(502) 612-1668

Michele Bagwell-Fawver
(502) 727-3783

David Metz
(502) 425-1598

Brent Monroe
(502) 326-0447

Christopher Wilmes
(502) 905-1851

City Clerk:
Judy Crow
(502) 426-4427


Rolling Hills
PO Box 22445
Louisville, KY 40252
(502) 612-1668